• Wehrli Custom Fab S400/Stock Twin Kit for 2013-18 6.7 Cummins


    -5" Intake
    -Dry Air filter
    -Outerwears Pre-Filter Cover
    -Aluminum Coolant Tank Kit
    -AC Line Kit
    -Stainless Steel Oil Feed and Drain Lines with Fittings
    -4" Turbo Down Pipe
    -3" Turbo Hot Side Cross Over Pipe
    -3" Cold Charge Pipe Between Turbos
    -O-ring seals
    -Silicone Boots
    -T-Bolt Clamps
    -V-Band Clamps
    -Coolant Lines and Fittings
    -PCV Breather Kit
    -Heat Wrap & Clamps
    -High Temp Black Coating
    -Powder Coating


    This kit is for Off-Road Competition use only!

    Compound Turbo Kits (also known as Twin Turbo Kits) for the 2013-2018 6.7 Cummins have become one of the most popular upgrades for daily drivers and towing rigs. Compounding over your factory turbo charger has been proven to provide cooler EGT’s and increased power across the rpm range, all while allowing the use and function of the factory turbine brake feature. One of the nicest features of compounding over your factory turbocharger is that the truck will not have any additional turbo lag or loss of spool up, which is common with a larger single turbo upgrade. The truck will have instant response and boost just as it does with only the factory turbo, but more efficient across a wider range, with cooler EGT’s! We include a complete new AC line kit to replace the OEM hardlines unlike other kits which require bending and possibly breaking/leaking of the hard lines. Every WCFab Turbo kit is hand built in house by our experienced fabricators and welders. Every component is built and test fit on our jigs to ensure proper fitment. All tubing is TIG welded and the mating flanges are CNC machined with O-ring seals where necessary for a boost-leak free setup. We stand behind our fabricated components and workmanship for the life that you own the product. The Compound Turbo Kit comes with all the necessary components to install, with several upgrades and turbo options available. Powder coating is included in the price. Certain upgrades are necessary for optimum performance and drivability.

    **Kit is designed to be used with the OEM 3rd gen exhaust manifold. If you want to use an aftermarket 3rd gen Style manifold you MUST send it in for kit to be custom built.**