2001-2004 LB7 Duramax S400/Stock Compound Turbo Kit. 1000 RWHP capable depending upon turbo and fuel system modifications. Recommended for daily driver work trucks and tow rigs looking for increased horsepower, better fuel mileage, and superior EGT control with stock-like turbo spool characteristics.

    - Atmosphere Turbo Pedestal with Built in Oil Return Fitting
    - 3" One Piece Y-bridge with HD Bead roll end
    - 3" Cold Side Intercooler Pipe
    - 4" Turbo Down Pipe
    - 3" Turbo Hot Side Cross Over Pipe
    - 5" Intake
    - Dry Air Filter
    - Outerwears Pre-Filter cover
    - Coolant Overflow Tank with Hoses, Fittings, & Low Coolant Sensor
    - Stainless steel oil feed and drain lines with fittings
    - 3.5" Cold Side Charge Pipe
    - 3.5" Turbo Inlet Horn
    - Silicone Boots
    - T-Bolt Clamps
    - V-Band Clamps
    - Heat Wrap & Clamps
    - High Temp Black Ceramic Coating on Hot Side Pipes
    - Powder Coating

    Recommended Combinations:

    S475 / Stock IHI Turbo - Up to 750 RWHP with Supporting Modifications - Best Turbo Spool, performs well on stock fuel setups. WCFab 750 Built Allison transmission recommended.

    S480 / Stock IHI Turbo - 800+ RWHP Capable with Supporting Modifications - Better top end performance that sacrifices a bit of spool on the low end compared to an S475/stock setup. WCFab 750+ Built Allison transmission recommended.

    S480 / Stealth 64 Drop In Turbo - 900+ RWHP Capable with Supporting Modifications - Improved top end power with moderate spool characteristics. WCFab 750+ Built Allison transmission recommended.

    Don't see what you're looking for here? Check out our S400/S300 or S400/S400 kits for ultra high performance applications or give our specialists a call at 630-277-8239 for assistance custom building a setup that will work best for your needs.

    ***This kit requires removal / relocation of the passenger side battery.***