Wehrli Custom Fab 2004.5-2007 5.9L CUMMINS S300 HIGH MOUNT 2ND GEN SWAP KIT



This kit will allow you to install an S300 based Turbo on your 2004.5-2007 5.9 Cummins with a 2nd Gen Style Exhaust Manifold (Sold Separately).

Kit includes all components needed to install the turbo. We mount the manifold pointing up which allows for a quick and simple down pipe install- no cutting of your exhaust system required! Our down pipe connects to the v-band flange on the exhaust pipe just as your factory turbo/cast elbow did.

**Designed to be used with 2nd Gen Style Stainless Diesel or Steed Speed exhaust Manifold. If you are not purchasing the turbo and manifold from us you must specify the brand of turbo and manifold you are using, some brands may require that you send the parts in to us for the kit to be built.

**Hot side Intercooler pipe uses a v-band connection at turbo. The kit INCLUDES welding of V-band flange to the SXE turbo cover. If you are not purchasing turbo from us, it WILL need to be sent in to have flange welded onto the outlet.

**Our down pipe is HX40 style flange connection at the turbo exhaust housing as this style offers the best seal, alignment, and easiest install. If you are not purchasing the turbo from us you will need to make sure your exhaust housing is machined to HX40 style outlet flange!

***Also compatible with 2003-2004 model year trucks which have updated their down pipe / front pipe to the 2004.5-2011 style part***

***Not compatible with Banks Power Intercoolers! If you have a Banks Intercooler, please contact us for assistance placing your order.