• Wehrli Fab 11-16 lml LML CP3 Conversion Kit- Street Series


    LML CP4 Delete Kit/CP3 Conversion Kit

     Description The Factory CP4.2 Pump Found on 2011 and newer Duramax's has been known to be a problematic Component. Even the slightest amount of fuel or water Contamination can ruin the pumps internals very quickly leading to metal debris spread throughout the entire fuel system. When these pumps fail it can lead to very costly repair jobs usually including all new fuel injectors, fuel system sensors, fuel lines, and complete cleaning of the fuel tank. We set out to develop a solution for this issue and came to market with the first CP3 Conversion kit in 2013. Our kit is tried and true and offers some items that other copy-kits on the market do not; a common issue we encountered is customers installing the CP3 Pump would break the brittle cast aluminum OEM pump mount bracket, so we designed a stronger Billet Aluminum piece to replace it and have not had an issue since. The Street Series Kit uses a smaller I.D. high pressure line than the Race Series Kit which connects to the factory port on the passenger side rail, where the CP4 use to feed. This kit is easier to install since the plug does not need to be removed from the rear of the passenger side fuel rail. We recommended this kit to be used with a stock or sportsman CP3 Pump. Any truck that is used in a performance application and is no longer under warranty we strongly recommend replacing the CP4 pump with the more robust and proven CP3 pump.