• Suncoast Ford 5R110 Iron pac-3 kit 2008-2010 with Alto Clutches


    Our  Iron pac kits contain the clutches and steels, with required pistons and pressure plates to stack the clutch pacs to the max!  SunCoast engineered these kits and we manufacture many key components that make it possible to hold the torque that your PowerStroke is putting to the ground.  We have assembled the best parts available for your 5R110W transmission and put it in a kit form to enable our dealers to build a dependable unit.

    Iron pac 2 kit contains 5 Red Eagle overdrive clutches with Kolene steels, 2 pressure plates and piston for Overdrive section. 5 Intermediate clutches with Kolene steels, 2nd design clutches, and a pressure plate. 5 forward clutches and Kolene steels, pressure plate and snap ring, again we include 2nd design parts. 6 Red Eagle frictions for direct, 6 Kolene steels 2 pressure plates, snap ring and piston. No Low and reverse clutches available yet.  This kit contains the TransGo Shift Kit and a complete set of paper and rubber gaskets.