• Suncoast Category 3 SunCoast 600HP 48RE Transmission w/ Torque Converter



    This Transmission Includes the Following:

    • Custom calibrated lab tested valve body
    • High flow 48RE filter
    • New front pump bushing
    • New Thrust washers
    • New Torrington Thrust Bearings
    • Suncoast billet accumalator piston
    • Suncoast billet intermediate servo
    • Suncoast custom ratio billet band lever
    • Suncoast billet band strut
    • Suncoast billet band
    • Suncoast billet band anchor
    • New overdrive and lockup solenoids
    • Upgraded governor solenoid
    • Suncoast billet triple disc torque converter
    • 23 spline billet input shaft
    • Billet SFI Flexplate
    • Double Deep Pan
    The new Suncoast 48RE transmission is rated at 600hp. This is a perfect upgrade for someone towing and hauling or who has a heavily modified vehicle.
    There are several key components in this transmission that are upgraded to not only improve performance, but also restore hydraulic integrity.
    The factory accumulator piston, being plastic, deteriorates over time, causing it to crack or simply break in many pieces. It is also not uncommon to see this accumulator piston cross-leak within the bore, which is the reason we engineered this piston to be a four-ring sealing piston, versus the factory two-ring. It is standard in all of our units to replace this factory piston with our improved billet piston to not only restore hydraulic integrity but to improve reliability, as well. 
    To alleviate the issues with the factory intermediate band circuit, we address many facets of the all-too-common second gear band burn-ups on the 48RE Transmission - the first facet being the servo that applies the intermediate band itself. We replace the factory cast servo with a larger billet servo that has more apply pressure and improved release. This servo also is improved to a four-ring servo, versus the factory two-ring, with the primary sealing ring being square-cut teflon and the secondary being an o-ring. 
    To continue with the upgrades to the band circuit we add a billet band anchor, billet band strut, and a billet apply lever. The band is a further upgraded to a pro-series, carbon graphite band to improve friction performance.
    The valve body and pump are also recalibrated, and the separator plate is replaced with a new laser-cut, SunCoast-proprietary plate. This allows not only for more optimal line pressure, but also increased volume. Each one of these valve bodies and pumps is custom built for the customer's individual needs, whether it be towing, street performance or the track.
    The other addition to this kit is our billet one piece input shaft. This shaft is made from 300 maraging steel and is then heat treated and stress relieved to handle the additional demands of higher torque and stress loads. This shaft is precision ground to make it a true drop in replacement.
    The Suncoast 48RE transmission also comes with new overdrive and lockup solenoids. The governor pressure sensor (transducer) is also replaced with a new one. in addition all new 48RE transmissions get upgraded with the DNJ billet solenoid housing and upgraded governor solenoid.
    The billet triple disc torque converter that comes with this new Suncoast 48RE transmission is lined with carbon graphite clutch material and is equipped with a precision-CNC-machined, forged billet apply piston to ensure no deflection occurs. The in conjunction with our billet cover ensures many years of performance.
    This 600 horsepower Suncoast 48RE transmission also comes with a billet SFI certified flex plate.
    Warranty: 3 Year Unlimited Mile