• SDP 3" High-flow Billet Y-Bridge & Intercooler Pipe kit - LBZ LMM


    This is our new designed high-flow billet full 3" Y-bridge with a diverter on the inlet to split the air path to both runners and maximize flow potential! Being machined on our 5 axis CNC mill, we can not only ensure perfect fitment, but we can utilize the superior design that we have come up with. With our steel bolt on neck, there is no worries about clamping the T-bolt clamp to the silicone boot too tightly and bending the tubing (such as the aluminum tubing designs), other cast designs with 3" OD are typically 1/2" smaller ID (inside diameter) than our Billet design which dramatically reduces the amount of air it will flow. With our Y-bridge you get the best of both worlds, higher flowing AND strength along with the easiest install for a 3" Y-bridge available!

    True 3" Y-bridge that is perfect for trucks with large twin kits!

    It deletes the EGR with the addition of an LB7 model passenger side up pipe or modified passenger side up pipe.

    Includes miscellaneous parts which are all made in the USA such as the black aramid reinforced silicone boots, T-bolt clamps, heat shrink wrap, high temp silicone O-ring and any necessary mounting hardware.


    The Y-bridge, studs, intercooler plumbing and intake horn are all manufactured under the roof of SDP's shop with our custom powdercoating to top it off in any color that you choose.