• S&B Performance Intake for 2011-16 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Oiled Filter

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    Street Legal In All US States: EO Pending (once issued, decals mailed to customer upon request)

    Warranty: Million Mile Limited Warranty

    ISO 5011 TEST RESULTS SandB's Intake for the 6.7L was definitely worth the wait given that it improves the airflow by 34% versus the stock system and beats Banks' kit (#42215) by 19% at 580 CFM. Resistance to Flow Testing: Flows 34.0% better than the stock intake when measuring just the resistance to airflow. Resistance to Flow while Dust Loading: Flows 14.6% better than the stock intake while loading the filter with ISO specified dust. Efficiency Rating: 99.57% (Cotton Filter) Efficient @ 580 CFM (ISO Course Dust

    Breathe easy. Your engine & warranty are protected.TM

    Add power and fun while still protecting your investment.

    Amazing airflow, solid protection and great looks.

    Not only is it the best looking intake, but its test results are really what set it apart from the competition. The 75-5053 improves the airflow by 34% over the stock system while still maintaining an efficiency rating of 99.57% at 580 CFM. When running a dry filter this kit improves airflow by 32% while maintaining an efficiency rating of 99.54% at 580 CFM.

    ISO 5011 Filtration Testing.

    A mountain of dust and our 1/2 million dollar lab is how far we've gone to make sure your engine is protected.

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    Fits better than stock.

    Easy to install with a fitment that rivals the OE intake. Securely mounts to the frame with only one (1) attachement point.

    Large secondary opening. Pull in more cool air.

    Designed with a secondary inlet to lower the restriction level. A less restrictive intake results in better performance.

    Avoid check engine lights.

    We designed this kit to avoid check engine lights with a properly mapped Mass Air Sensor. This is where we run away from the competition. Vehicles are becoming more complex. S&B devotes a huge amount of resources to engineer intakes that will allow your engine to run properly with the stock calibration or with enhanced tuning.

    An extremely large filter.

    All things equal, the more surface area on a filter, the better it will perform. This filter is so big, you may need a hoist.

    Cleanable or dry filters. You pick.

    We offer intakes with two types of filters. Cotton (cleanable) or Dry (disposable). Since you are not sacrificing performance with either choice, the decision comes down to would you rather throw away the filter or clean it.