• S&B Performance Intake for 2011-16 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Dry Filter

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    Cold Air Intake Kit (Dry Disposable Filter)

    Installation Video: http://vimeo.com/sbfilters/75-5053

    Street Legal In All US States: EO Pending (once issued, decals mailed to customer upon request)

    Warranty: Million Mile Limited Warranty

    ISO 5011 TEST RESULTS SandB's Intake for the 6.7L was definitely worth the wait given that it improves the airflow by 32.0% versus the stock system and beats Banks' kit (#42215) by 16.7% at 580 CFM. Resistance to Flow Testing: Flows 32% (Dry Filter) better than the stock intake when measuring just the resistance to airflow. Resistance to Flow while Dust Loading: Flows 19% (Dry Filter) better than the stock intake while loading the filter with ISO specified dust. Efficiency Rating: 99.54% (Dry Filter) Efficient @ 580 CFM (ISO Course Dust)