PPEI 2014-2017 EcoDiesel Ram/Jeep/Sprinter ECM Tuning Package

$899.99 $879.99

This order is only to be shipped to us to be tuned. You will first purchase this here on our site then ship us your ECM to be tuned then returned to you. 

he 3.0L EcoDiesel is an impressive smaller engine with a lot of grunt! We’re excited to be able to offer tuning that will increase the overall drivability and FUN! Emissions Compliant tuning.

****We recommend EGT gauges for anything over stock hp and it is the owners responsibility to manage those egts…. Turn down for what? Turn down for EGTs! Turn around time on PPEI Flash for Ecodiesel is 3 days once the ecu arrives to our facility. We will ship the unit back within 3 business days upon arrival to our facility. The ECU will be taken apart while in house and buyer accepts all responsibility for possible damages done to the casing of the ecu and also understands that any “Power adder” they install on the truck will void their warranty. We recommend a edge CTS to monitor engine conditions, codes, etc. with the purchase of our ECU flash as well.****