PPE NEW Updated Replacement Ford Oil Cooler 03-07 6.0 Powerstroke


The 6.0L Power Stroke oil cooler is designed with small oil flow passages and is plagued by clogs from contaminants, gasket material, corrosion, sludge, etc. When this happens it sends hot oil to the turbo, injectors, oil pump and main bearings - stressing these parts, eventually leading to failure. Another major problem is the factory oil cooler has been known to crack which causes unwanted fluid transfer and leads to catastrophic engine failure.

Get peace of mind and upgrade your problematic factory oil cooler with a new improved PPE Oil Cooler. This new updated PPE Oil Cooler is designed with larger and stronger internal passageways for improved oil and coolant flow. This updated version also adds an additional row for greater heat dissipation. The end result is cooler oil supply to vital engine components allowing for less wear on injectors, turbo parts and an overall better working oil system.