PPE Dual Fueler 01-04 Lb7 Kit 02-04 Gm Lb7 Duramax

$2,350.00 $2,150.00

PPE has the solution with the Dual Fueler (dual CP3) pump kit, for even the largest injector and or fuel programs that demand a high volume of fuel flow, while still having the ability to maintain optimum fuel pressures at the injectors.  Efficiency is increased, and EGT's reduced (constant optimum fuel pressure is maintained) while providing enough fuel to make over 1200HP. With PPEs sophisticated microprocessor control module each pump (existing factory CP3 and Dual Fueler CP3) delivers half the volume of the total required fuel seamlessly and instantly at any requested fuel pressure, from idle (4300psi) to full throttle (23000+psi).  Since each pump now shares the total fuel delivery, drive load on the original internal CP3 pump is reduced by 50%, increasing pump reliability, and as an added benefit in the event of a pump failure, CP3's controller will automatically switch full fuel delivery control to the other remaining functioning pump.  Note: Lift pump is not required with this kit, however for optimum flow to both CP3's and to reduce fuel filter restriction it is recommended.