Limitless Diesel DIY Transmission Kit 2006-2010 Allison


The Limitless Diesel Allison DIY Rebuild Kit Utilizes a mixture of Raybestos and Alto Clutches proven to work in Real World Applications. Our Rebuild Kit is the most complete Kit available for the Allison, using the Highest Quality and Proven parts in the Industry. Detailed Instructions along with pictures come with every Kit sale, ensuring the Installer has 100% Confidence. Phone Support is also Available.

Rated up to 750HP, will support more with Upgraded Shafts

Limitless DIY Kit Includes:

- Mixture of Raybestos and Alto Clutches
- New Bearings, Bushings, Seals and Gaskets
- Complete C1-C4, C5 Frictions
- Stator Support and Pump Bushing
- Parking Pawl Return Spring
- Ratio Tek pressure springs
- Trim valve springs
- Trans Go JR Shift Kit