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    Inglewood Transmission uses the highest quality and proven parts in the industry. That combined with being the original and most experienced high performance Allison transmission rebuild shop always gives us a decisive edge over our competition. This unbeatable combination has resulted in a Limitless Diesel/Inglewood Transmission Allison 1000 being the first in the 5's in the 1/8 mile and the first to 8's to in the 1/4 mile with countless accomplishments in between. Utilizing a mixture of clutches from top manufactures proven to work in real world applications, coupled with a Triple disk torque converter manufactured in-house at either SunCoast Converters or Goerend Transmission, our transmissions are ready to take on any type of abuse from mild street use to the highest levels of competition. The Juggernaut Jr takes everything we've learned about the Allison 1000 since we started building them back in 2003 and puts it into a built transmission that does it all. This Allison is built stout enough for track days and will handle the power capabilities of a bolt on stock engine Duramax for years and years to come. At the same time the Juggernaut Jr Allison 1000 keeps it's street and towing manners for the ultimate in versatility. One week you can hook up to your family camper and tow across the country and the next be making passes at the dragstrip with the confidence you've got the best built Allison 1000 option available on the market backed by the best warranty. So whether you're looking to solve your P0700 code woes or you're just ready to upgrade before the problems start. The Juggernaut Jr is the superior Allison for the all around street and dragstrip Duramax.

    Rated up to 750HP, this Allison transmission is capable of supporting 800hp with billet input and output shafts.