Industrial SBPS6680CRL Silver Bullet 400-800HP Turbo Fits 2004.5-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins


Industrial Silver Bullet 66/80 400-800HP Turbo for 04.5-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins
The SilverSeries PhatShaftis our latest effort to achieve perfection. Much like the Super PhatShaft it was designed to handle multiple fueling upgrades and comes in three sizes 62mm, 64mm, and 66mm. What separates the SilverSeries PhatShaft from the Super PhatShaft is our new technology 74mm turbine wheel. To improve on the Super PhatShaft turbos we needed improved performance at a lower rpm range and we needed to reduce compressor surge. The solution is the 74mm turbine which is the latest in turbine trim design technology. The new trim design transfers exhaust gas energy more efficiently than any other turbine on the market. It also allows for better exhaust gas expulsion which results in lower EGT’s and quicker spool up. The most important benefit of the 74 mm turbine wheel is that it gets rid of turbo surge and broadens the power range. All silver series turbo come with a 360 degree thrust bearing and an appealing polished compressor housing. The Silver series utilizes the proven 14cm exhaust housing with a modified exhaust nozzle. We maximize the wastegate ports in the 14cm housing by enlarging the diameter. The turbine housing wastegate cover it custom build to allow full wastegate travel. Like all PhatShaft turbochargersthey are equipped with dual grooved high performance bearings and an adjustable boost elbow. Our Sliverseries turbos have been proven to support up to 800hp and are the best turbo chargers on the market today.