Industrial Injection Ford 6.7L Powerstroke 2011-2016 Single Turbo Kit


*Competition and Race Use Only*

Featuring a 63/68/14 wastegated turbo designed and built specifically for the 6.7L Powerstroke. This kit comes complete with everything you need for installation, from a new intake to downpipe and everything in between

The single turbo kit was built with Ford power in mind, we strive to bring the greatest diesel power to you and your trucks. This kit utilizes our signature Viper Series Turbo to replace the Ford VGT turbo to improve reliability and horsepower. You will still experience the spool up that you would with your stock charger but have better top end power to push the Scorpion engine to a higher level.

This kit is a competition and race use only kit so it will require tuning to remove any CEL's that will pop up. 

When purchasing the kit you will receive all the necessary pieces to install this kit in one shot. There is nothing worse than getting into a kit and realizing that there is a nut or bolt missing and having to make a trip to the hardware store. We go through these kits extensively to ensure that all the pieces have been double checked to reduce the headache. Also included is an instruction manual that was put together independently from Industrial Injection to help see the different angles and approaches that were used when installing them at different shops. We have put together this kit with the end user in mind so that the modifications that have to be done are simply taking the old turbo out and replacing it with the new and improved parts, with everything from a New S&B Intake, all the hoses and fittings, and going with a two-piece downpipe design that doesn't require modification of your current downpipe setup. 

Through testing of the kit on different trucks we have seen horsepower upgrades reaching into the 600-650 horsepower range with proper tuning. This is the kit to replace the Factory VGT turbo and really improve the performance of your 6.7L Powerstroke.