Industrial Injection 94-02 Cummins 2nd Gen Compound Phatshaft Add-A-Turbo Kit

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The Industrial Injection 2nd Gen 5.9L Cummins Compound Phatshaft Add-A-Turbo Kit is a great upgrade for someone looking for increased performance and towing power. This kit is designed to be used on a truck that is already running one of our Phatshaft turbos and is then compounded with a BorgWarner S474 turbo to maximize the engines efficiency when larger injectors and or tuning is added. This kit works on all 1994-2002 12 valve and 24 valve Dodge Cummins trucks. Whether you are looking to lower EGTs while towing or build the ultimate weekend warrior this is the kit for you! 



     - Great For Up To 700 HP

     - Lower Exhaust Temps

     - Better Fuel Economy

     - Complete Kit Ready To Install


Multiple turbo variations are available for this kit depending on which Phatshaft you are running. Please call for options

Does Not include recommended highflow exhaust manifold

NOTE: You must have a Phatshaft or similar turbo to run this kit.