Industrial Injection Add a Turbo Compound Kit Fits 11-12 6.7L Ford PowerStroke

$4,295.00 $4,100.00

In the Aftermarket Diesel Performance industry, it is hard to have your cake and eat it too. With the release of the new Industrial Injection 6.7L Ford compound kit you can. With this kit you will see a dramatic drop in exhaust temperatures, as well as higher boost pressures for higher horse power gains. The Industrial Injection 6.7L Ford compound kit offers durability, driveability, and reliability. This kit works in a wide variety of configurations, from the everyday street truck to the all out competition or race truck. You will see better fuel economy, along with better throttle response. Industrial Injection is proud to add this new product into our line of bolt on compound turbo kits. With the competitive pricing offered by this new kit, it will be a great new product for the aftermarket Diesel Performance industry.