• HSP Diesel 2017-2019 Chevrolet / GMC L5P Cold Air Intake


    The HSP Diesel Cold Air Intake for the 2017 – 2019 L5P

    This is NOT just a metal box! The HSP L5P Intake is constructed from high-quality materials and precision fabrication that make this cold air intake a work of art. Not only is this intake going to increase the looks of your engine bay, but it will increase your horsepower and lower intake temps.


    Every HSP Intake has been designed to be a bolt on addition without the need for tuning making our intakes emissions compliant. Do not be fooled in thinking a compliant intake wont help with performance, because this intake can increase your truck by up to 20hp.


    Every HSP tube is constructed using minimal bends while maximizing clearances. This will ensure the most direct and unrestricted path for air to flow. This will minimize drag and air tumbling which will improve the overall flow of air.


    Our built-to-spec filters offer a massive surface with impeccable filtration to ensure maximum flow and performance. The HSP Filtration is a cotton cleanable media that can be cleaned using our HSP Filter Cleaning Kit.


    Our powder coating process is the bread and butter of our products. Not only does the HSP intake delivers the power numbers you desire. It also adds a custom look to your truck with our various color options. Our high-quality coating process cleans and removes metal contaminants from the material before blasting and prepping for coating which sets up for a premium finish. Utilizing the Prismatic Powders high quality powders also ensures a quality & long-lasting finish that HSP will stand behind for years to come.

    Components List:

    • 1 - L5P 4.5" Cold Air Intake Tube (IN-151-1)
    • 1 - L5P Airbox W/ Lid (IN-736)
    • 2 - M4x.7x10mm Bolt (901-RFAB)
    • 4 - Black Nylon Push-Type Retainer (095-RFAB)
    • 4 - 1/8" Steel Rivet (098-RFAB)
    • 1 - 4.5" to 4" 60° Boot (772-RFAB)
    • 1 - 4" T-Bolt Clamp (424-RFAB)
    • 1 - 4.5" T-Bolt Clamp (435-RFAB)
    • 1 - 4.5" Air Filter (413-RFAB)
    • 2 - L5P Heatshield Box Pins (736-2-RFAB)
    • 2 - M6-1.0 x 10mm Hex Head Bolt (094-RFAB)
    • 17” - Trim Seal (411-RFAB)
    • 1 - Heatshield Box Grommet (736-4-RFAB)
    • 4 - Felt Washer (737-RFAB)