HSP Diesel 2001-2005 Billet forward facing thermostat housing kit

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This Thermostat housing is to be used when running a aftermarket turbo charger in the valley with no cooling previsions

Many of the Chevy Duramax coolant lines are routed in a way that makes it difficult to upgrade turbochargers, or other performance accessories. The HSP Diesel team has developed a solution for many of those issues.

The all new billet thermostat housing and tube kit eliminates the factory coolant hose that crosses over the driver’s side valve cover, allowing more room for aftermarket turbo systems, and fuel components. This system utilizes a 1.75’’ tube, and reinforced silicone boots to take the coolant from the sleek billet thermostat housing to the factory location on the radiator. Our system not only improves the look under the hood, but is also much stronger than the factory rubber hose. Take advantage of another innovative product from HSP Diesel that will have you one step ahead of your buddy’s, and competition!


  • HSP Billet upper thermostat housing
  • (1) Thermostat Housing O-ring (719-RFAB)
  • (3) M6x1.0x35mm Flange Bolts
  • (6) M6 Fender Washers
  • (3) M6 Nylon Lock Nuts
  • (4) M8x1.25-25mm Socket Cap Bolt
  • (4) M6x1.0-18mm Socket Cap Bolt
  • (1) 1.75”x3” Straight Boot (437-RFAB)
  • (1) 1.75”x90° Boot (433-RFAB)
  • (4) 1 3/4" Worm Gear Clamps (408-RFAB)


  • LB7: 01-04 VIN Code 1
  • LLY: 04.5-05 VIN Code 2


  • CNC machined billet aluminum thermostat upper housing
  • Allows for added room for aftermarket turbochargers
  • Easier access to fuel system components on drivers side valve cover
  • Powder coated hard tube to improve the look of the engine bay
  • Reinforced silicone boots and hard tube add strength over the factory rubber hose
  • Allows room for dual CP3 pump kits