Suncoast GM Allison 1058 Torque Converter, Triple Disk, 2001-2010 Core Charge included


This converter is great for everyday driving with stock to medium size turbos and big HP tunes. It will brake stall at 2300 RPM, but still couples at cruising speeds. Shifts at 2000-2500 and you will see about a 500 RPM drop. This converter has no limits.

With the addition of the 1055, 1058 and 1059 to our Allison torque converter line we can accommodate any request in regard to stall, torque multiplication, efficiency, or other custom application. The stall test and RPM drops were tested with Stage V transmission, stock turbo with a 350HP tune, stock size tires in our 3500 dually. The example stalls and RPM drops are strictly to help you decide which may be best for your truck. Big tires without gear swaps will raise your brake stall test numbers.

Thanks for listening.

We would appreciate your feedback on your trucks performance with different gearing/tire and power combinations.