Ford Livewire TS Pre-Programmed Device

$599.00 $599.00
From the factory, your vehicle's computer is calibrated for the masses, designed with the average driver in mind, not the performance enthusiast. This not only leaves valuable Horsepower & Torque hidden inside your vehicle, but it also makes for a mediocre driving experience. The Livewire TS unlocks your vehicle's hidden performance by re-calibrating your vehicle's computer for Maximum Horsepower & Torque, Increased Throttle Response, Firmer Shifts and even Increased Fuel Mileage.

? Color 4" Touch Screen Display

    • Color 4" Touch Screen Display

      Livewire TS features a full color 4" touch screen display with built-in ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment day & night.
    • Automatic On / Off / Sleep Mode

      Tired of devices that stay on after the ignition is turned off? Livewire TS features both a Sleep & Auto Off mode. 2 minutes after the ignition is turned off, Livewire TS goes into sleep mode, drawing very little power. After 2 days of inactivity, it automatically turns itself off to save your vehicle's battery.
    • Reads & Clears DTC Codes

      Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes quickly & easily, saving on expensive diagnostic fees.
    • High Speed Data Logging & Monitoring

      Need to monitor your vehicle's engine parameters? No need for a separate monitoring device. View & record your vehicle's PCM data on the Livewire TS.
    • User Selectable Graphics & Gauge Layouts

      Customize the look of your Livewire TS with user selectable themes, colors and gauge layouts.
    • User Adjustable Warning / Alerts

      Easy to configure gauge warning & alerts for critical engine parameters.
    • Rear View Camera Input

      The Rear View Camera Input Connector is built-in to the Livewire TS OBD-II Cable for easy connection of most aftermarket Rear View Cameras!
    • Holds up to 10 Custom Tunes

      The Livewire TS arrives Pre-Loaded with Dyno Proven performance tune files & holds up to 10 custom tuning files for Maximum tune flexibility.
    • Built-In Performance Calculator

      - 0-60MPH Performance Test with Estimated HP & TQ
      - ET / MPH Performance Test with 1/8th & 1/4 mile
      - Top Speed Performance Test
      - Braking Performance Test with 60-0MPH ET
    • User Adjustable Tune Options

      Adjust for common performance bolt-ons such as Cold Air Kits, Exhaust Systems & Gears.
    • Available for both Gas & Diesel Vehicles

      Works with most 1996+ Ford Gas & Diesel vehicles
    • Windshield Mount Included

      No mounting solution required. Livewire TS includes a suction cup style mount for easy mounting on your vehicle's windshield.