• PPE Dodge/Ram 2500 Front Diff Cover (Brushed)


    This new front differential cover for the 2003-2014 Ram 2500 is cast in the USA from high-quality aluminum and holds an extra 1.6 quarts of oil for a bit of added thermal stamina on those long hauls. It’s equipped with internal heat sinks and external cooling fins which increase the pans surface area helping dissipate heat substantially. This makes for a much cooler running differential with cooler and denser oil to lubricate with. Cool, dense fluid lubricates better, which will in-turn extend differential service life.

    The internal heat sinks are a massive 7/8 of an inch tall while the external fins measure in at just under ½ of an inch.

    To keep the fluid clean, PPE installed its exclusive high-powered Neodymium magnet equipped fill plug will pull harmful ferrous metal particles right out of the oil before they have a chance to attack the bearings.

    This cover also features a pre-tapped 1/8 inch NPT port for a temperature probe, capped off with a stainless steel plug.

        ▪ Cast from high-grade aluminum alloy
        ▪ 1/2 inch external cooling fins
        ▪ 7/8 inch internal heat sinks
        ▪ 3/4 quart additional capacity
        ▪ 1/8 inch stainless temperature probe plug
        ▪ Stainless steel Neodymium-magnet-equipped fill plug
        ▪ Retains use of factory high-quality gasket
        ▪ Adds additional strength to gear housing

    Available for:
        Dodge/Ram 2003-2014 4X4 2500 Pick-Ups
                            2003-2012 4X4 3500 Pick-Ups