Cognito Upper Control Arm Kit 2001 - 2010 GM 8-Lug


For GM 01-'10 8 lug vehicles, including the 1500HD, 2500, 2500HD, 3500, 2500 Suburban, Yukon XL, Avalanche, and Hummer H2

Cognito Upper control arm kits are designed to work with lifted applications. Cognito builds replacement tubular upper control arms that relocate the bump stop on the a-arm to maximize the down travel of the front suspension with lift kits that drop the differential down the same amount as the lower control arm, as Cognitos lift kits do. The upper ball joint angle is also corrected to avoid harsh angles on the ball joint, thus causing premature wear. Cognito tubular upper control arms are supplied with bolt in upper ball joints. The factory upper control arms use a press in ball joint, and on some vehicles in order to change the upper ball joints, a new upper control arm with the pressed in ball joint must be purchased. The upper control arms also have a dual lower shock mount built in, so if you ever want to run dual shocks up front, your mounting is half way there. To run dual shocks with the Cognito upper control arm kit, you will need to purchase the Cognito Dual Shock Hoop kit, which provides the top mounting locations for the shocks. Shocks used with the shock hoop and control arm system are from 18.5 to 19.25 fully extended length.

Note: The Pitman Idler Support Kit is highly recommended, but not required.