Aurora Plus - 5000 Compound Kit, 2010-12 Dodge 6.7L

Aurora Plus - 5000 Compound Kit, 2010-12 Dodge 6.7L

Upgrade Kit, Aurora Plus - 5000, 2010-12 Dodge 6.7L, uses factory HE351VE turbocharger. This is the ultimate budget compound kit.

Get the best of both worlds for you 2010-12 Dodge 6.7L Cummins with the Aurora Plus 5000 turbo kit. With running a set of compound turbos, you will experience the low end response and torque of a smaller turbo charger, with the high powered top end of a large turbo. You get only the positive effects of both turbos without any of the negatives. EGTs will drastically decrease, power has the potential to drastically increase, and aspects such as throttle response and drivability will increase to the optimum balance.

ATS has spent thousands of hours perfecting the balance of the turbos in our compound setup, until they were able to "do it all". These turbos are matched perfectly in order to allow any truck to tow heavy loads, drag race, sled pull, and daily drive, all in one package. There is literally no drawback when running compound turbo chargers.

Aurora Compound Turbocharger Kit Features and Benefits:

  • A Combination of your stock turbo with the massive Aurora 5000

  • Designed for a twin compound configuration

  • Massive power increase while maintaing stock-like drivability and spool up

  • Ultimate towing/race/sledpull compound setup

  • Uses the existing Dodge factory components to install without any interference

  • All cast components. No welded flanges or pipes

  • Large turbo securely mounted and center lined with the factory exhaust

  • No need to buy additional equipment or modify components